ETHAN Spin-off

Would anyone be interested in an Ethan Spin-off? Follow Ethan into the unknown and learn more about the Republics… ‪ If YES, let me know of facebook – CLICK HERE

Top 100 List

United is #72 on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Teen & Young Adult Science Fiction & Dystopian Romance eBooks! YAY! Thank you all! (1/1/2015)

United Cover Release

Wow. It was was completely devastating when my hard drive broke last week. I lost everything from the last two years – videos of my kids, all my artwork, logos, my book covers, two incomplete novels – BUT I am so grateful that one of the only things I had a backup of was UNITED?!?!?!?!  … [Read more…]

Anthology – Ryker’s Journey

Excited for my writers group – Bayou Writers Group. We are releasing our first ANTHOLOGY called JOURNEYS. It will feature poetry and prose from local authors. My piece is titled Ryker’s Journey. It’s a little peek into Ryker’s life before Mena. Hope you like it. JOURNEYS will be available on Amazon on October 4th, 2014. … [Read more…]

EXALTED on SALE for 99cents!

EXALTED ebook is now on SALE for 99¢ for a Limited Time! Get it now! Tell your friends!

Ryker’s Journey – Sneak Peek #2

One final sneak peek of RYKER’S JOURNEY (A 2,000 word short story I am submitting for my writers group’s Anthology). So, my journey may have begun in an infirmary with a fever, but my life began in a cornfield when I saw a girl with long brown hair. She was an Exalted trainee. Her parents … [Read more…]

Ryker’s Journey – Sneak Peek #1

RYKER’S JOURNEY is the title of a 2,000 word short story I am submitting for my writers group’s Anthology. Here’s a sneak peek. What do you think? My journey into reality began with a fever. I’d never been so ill before. Beads of sweat formed on my brow and ran down all sides of my … [Read more…]

Giveaways! 9 days left…

GIVEAWAYS! EXALTED – Dystopian YA Series Don’t forget to enter to win! Only 9 days remaining! EXALTED: Book 1 DENOUNCED (EXALTED: Book 2) GOOD LUCK!